Bifocal lenses

Conventional bifocal lenses

The conventional bifocal lenses are non compensated lenses having two visual fields, the upper part of the lens is for far vision and the bottom part is for near vision.

The Rhein Vision bifocal lenses offer wide visual fields in both far and near areas.


  • Optical quality for both far and near area;
  • Wide visual fields;
  • Eliminates the need of having two pairs of eyeglasses, integrating two lenses into one;
  • Instantaneously adaptation.

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Digital Bifocal 2.0 RS32/40 lenses

Digital Bifocal 2.0 RS32/40 lenses are using a compensated full back-side lens design, based on Digital Ray-Path®2 technology. It is manufactured with two different viewing areas, the top of the lens for distance vision, and the curved segment at the bottom for reading, providing wide fields of clear vision for both zones. As there is no power progression, wearers will clearly notice the ‘jump’ between the two optical zones. However, the distinct advantage of no power progression is that there are no lateral lobes of unwanted astigmatism. Wearers benefit from comfortable vision and no distortion or swim effect.


  • Fully personalized digital bifocal lens;
  • Large distance vision and curved segment at the bottom for reading;
  • Wide fields of clear vision;
  • No lateral lobes of unwanted astigmatism;
  • No distortion or swim effect;
  • High precision thanks to Digital Ray-Path®2 technology;
  • Variable inset and thickness reduction.

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