UVAllBlue lenses


Blue light is part of the visible spectrum with a wavelength between 400 to 500 nm.

The most important source of blue light outdoor is the sun and the indoor sources of blue light can vary: artificial light source (fluorescent light bulbs and led light bulbs), digital screens (smartphone, tablet, TV and computer screen).

Blue light is divided into two categories: blue-violet light (400-450 nm) and blue-turquoise light (450-500 nm). The studies have shown that blue light between 400-420 nm is the most dangerous. Identified in the spectrum of light as blue-violet, it is not blocked by the cornea or the crystalline, reaching the retina. This leads to macular degeneration and in time to loss of vision.


The need for this lens came as a consequence of the studies that were done on the impact the blue light has on the human body. This phenomenon escalated among children and teenagers. According to the studies, people who are exposed a long time to blue light manifest a continuous tiredness and sleep deprivation.

  • Blocks UV rays 100%.
  • Blocks harmful blue light, protecting your eyes from its effects.
  • Maximum protection no matter if you are outside or inside.
  • Minimized reflections and increased contrast, which recommends it for night driving.
  • More resistant to involuntary scratches.

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UVAllBlue lenses are recommended for all age groups.

  • To children and teenagers because their eyes are much more sensitive to UV and blue light.
  • To active people who spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • To people who spend more than 6 hours a day using a computer, mobile device and TV.
  • To older people, especially those who had a cataract surgery.

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