Single vision lenses

Advanced surfacing technologies help us produce superior quality single vision lenses, no matter the requirements of the patient in terms of frame type, lens material and prescription.

To maximize visual performance, single vision lenses can be customized according to pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance and WRAP angle and if these values are not specified, the lenses will be produced according to the standard values of the customization parameters.

The benefits of Single Vision Lenses:

Superior optical quality for any prescription;

Customizable lenses;

Clear vision, in all gaze directions, as a result of reduced oblique astigmatism;

Ideal for wearers who are searching for high quality, freeform, single vision lenses.

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Single Vision

Single Vision lenses are a conventional optical solution, that provide comfort and clear vision.

Single Vision Steady 2.0

Single Vision Steady 2.0 lenses are designed for a modern lifestyle. The visual quality, clarity and comfort of these lenses are unbeatable. These revolutionary lenses change the current concept of personalization by incorporating the Digital Ray Path® 2 technology.

Single Vision Steady 2.0 lenses are more sophisticated and effective than a standard single vision lens because the optimization process also takes into consideration the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus, those refined focusing adjustments that the eye naturally makes to perceive objects at different distances.

Used technologies

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