Innovator progressive lenses

The state-of-the-art technology provides Innovator lenses with great precision, reduced aberrations and peripheral distortion, offering excellent optical performance.
Each individual lens parameter is calculated to guarantee a perfectly adapted solution according to the prescription and the frame shape.

Now the wearer can enjoy a natural view, a quick and easy accommodation to all distances and minimal distortion of the image at the edge of the lens by using Innovator progressive lenses, suitable for everyday activities.

Innovator benefits

  • Optimized progression on the back surface of the lens.
  • Broad and balanced visual fields.
  • Easier accommodation, thanks to the gradual transition between areas.
  • Reduced optical aberrations at the edge of the lens.
  • They can be optimized for extra-curved frames.

Three available products


The visual fields are balanced and the progressive corridor provides a gradual transition, which allows the eye to see natural.

Innovator Plus

Innovator Plus lenses are produced taking into account a number of standard parameters according to the frame and face shape. This combination provides a good solution for wearers seeking a comfortable lens that would allow them to better see objects at any distance.

Innovator Individual

The Innovator Individual lenses are produced taking into account a combination of parameters, like the shape of the wearer’s face and the chosen frame. This parameters reduce the aberration caused by the WRAP angle, pantoscopic tilt of the frame, in order to improve peripheral vision, creating excellent optical performance.

Available ranges for Innovator lenses

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