Innovator Degressive

Innovator Degressive lenses

Innovator degressive lenses are recommended to people over 45 years for intermediate and near vision and solve most of the limitations of other types of lenses.

These lenses are ideal for presbyopes who are using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, reading, painting, cooking or doing other daily indoor activities.

Innovator Degressive benefits

  • Degressive lenses are ideal for people with special needs for near and intermediate vision.
  • Innovator degressive lenses use the latest available technology for occupational lenses.
  • With wide visual fields for near and intermediate vision and with minimum lateral aberrations, the accommodation time is considerably reduced.
  • These lenses offer comfort to the wearer and a natural posture during household activities, office activities or while working on computer.

Four products available

Innovator HOME

Visual field between 40cm and 6m

Innovator OFFICE

Visual field between 40cm and 4m

Innovator DESKTOP

Visual field between 40cm and 2m

Innovator COMPUTER

Visual field between 40cm and 1.3m

Rhein Vision - Distante Innovator Degresiv

Available ranges for Innovator Degressive lenses

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