Camber FreeStyle

Camber Technology

The Camber lens blank has a unique front surface with a variable base curve, which means the power on the front surface continuously increases from top to bottom. This provides the ideal base curve for all visual areas while reducing oblique aberrations in the lens. Thanks to the unique function of its front surface, all Camber finished lenses offer unbeatable vision quality at any distance, especially in the near zone.

Camber FreeStyle is a new family of lenses calculated by Camber Technology, which combines complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction.

Camber Technology is one of the most advanced digital lens design technology available nowadays. It combines the sophistication and engineering of the unique Camber lens blank with a full range of innovative and optimized digital designs on the back surface.

Camber’s variable base curve significantly reduces oblique aberrations because of its pure and unique geometry, while Digital Ray-Path® technology, compensates and optimizes the back surface of the lens to enhance distance, intermediate and near visual fields. Each wearer receives a fully personalized dual sided lens that is more functional and comfortable to wear.

Camber FreeStyle benefits

  • The Camber FreeStyle lens provides wearers better peripheral vision – wearers get the benefit of superior image stability, even in dynamic conditions – while also enjoying maximized visual fields for all distances.
  • Wearers can take advantage of a stable and wider near visual zone that makes it easier to read for long periods of time or perform close-up activities.
  • Camber FreeStyle lenses design has an extra-large distance visual field delivering more freedom for lateral movements of the eyes. Wearers will get superior comfort and high definition vision, especially when performing distance visual activities like enjoying landscapes or watching movies.
  • Camber FreeStyle has an extra-soft lens design specifically developed to reduce lateral aberration, providing a more realistic view of the environment. The lateral distortion of the lens has been minimized, making this lens the softest of all the Camber Lens Series. It’s a smooth transition between distance and near vision along with minimum lateral distortion make this lens a great option for first progressive lens wearers looking for a very comfortable lens.

Camber FreeStyle lenses

Camber FreeStyle uses an advanced application, which includes a lifestyle questionnaire in order to help patients define their unique lifestyles.

This survey includes questions related to the main activities the patient does during work hours and spare time, the wearer’s previous experience using progressive lenses, patient’s reading habits and what sort of computer the patient normally uses. All these questions are thoughtfully studied in order to achieve an accurate description of the patients’ visual needs.

Camber FreeStyle is individually produced for each wearer, adapting its power distribution depending on the patient prescription and individual parameters.
All powers distribution available secures a great performance in all cases with a lower level of undesired astigmatism. This makes Camber FreeStyle the best optical solution for users who are searching for the most sophisticated lens adaptable to any lifestyle.

By combining both physiological parameters and lifestyle information, Camber FreeStyle offers a brand-new approach to lens personalization.

Available ranges for Camber FreeStyle lenses

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