Camber Steady 2.0

One of the main advantages of free-form technology is that it allows the complete customization of lenses for each wearer. There are many personalized lenses on the market and they all seek to improve visual quality through customization. Camber Steady 2.0 lenses are different.

Created with Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology, Camber Technology and Steady Plus Methodology, Camber Steady 2.0 lens designs are mathematically compensated to reduce the peripheral aberrations and include the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus at different distances. With Digital Ray-Path 2, we are finally able to create personalized lenses that harness the accommodative power of the human eye as part of the calculation. This allows us to focus on the elements of aberration that the eye does not naturally correct. The result is a lens design with dramatically reduced area of peripheral blur.

Using Steady Plus Methodology which incorporates strict control of mean power to practically eliminate spherical error in lateral areas of the lenses, results in improved lateral
vision and superior image stability. Swim effect is a non-stable perception of the surroundings that causes discomfort and reduces overall lens satisfaction, making adaptation more difficult. Despite advancements made in progressive lenses, patients still experience swim effect. The lenses designed with Steady Plus Methodology provide progressive lens wearers with a more stable and natural vision.

With a variable base curve the Camber blank improves the spherical side of the lens, by offering a continuously increasing base curve that is better suited for progressive prescriptions.

Camber Steady 2.0 progressive lenses provide the wearer with an unbeatable visual experience, wide reading zone, improved peripheral vision and more aesthetically pleasing lenses.
Camber Steady lenses are ideal for all progressive lens wearers, experts or novices, looking for a premium progressive lens that offers both extended visual fields and minimal lateral distortion.

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• State-of-the-art technology. The design of the Camber Steady 2.0 lens with a variable base curve is unique and patented.

• Fully personalized lenses. Each Camber Steady 2.0 lens can be personalized according to the wearer’s parameters.

• Superior optics. Improved vision in any area of the lens compared to other progressive lenses.

• Easier adaptation. Most wearers adapt easier to Camber Steady 2.0 than to other types of progressive lenses.

• Better near vision. The near area is easier to identify and has improved optical qualities.

• Optimal vision. Camber Steady 2.0 lenses offer a wide visual field and minimal distortion at the edge of the lens.

• Improved aesthetics. Camber Steady 2.0 lenses offers better cosmetics for large diopters due to their variable base curve.

Rhein Vision - ophthalmic lens manufacturer


Rhein Vision - ophthalmic lens manufacturer
Rhein Vision - ophthalmic lens manufacturer
Rhein Vision - ophthalmic lens manufacturer

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