Camber progressive lenses

Camber lenses are premium lenses that offer optimum visual acuity and extended visual fields. The reading area has an improved optical quality and it is easier to be identified. The wearer accommodation to Camber progressive lenses is easier than to other lenses in the same range.

Camber lenses are more aesthetic for high powers due to the variable base curve of the semi-finished blank.

Combining the variable base curve on the front side of the lens with the latest surfacing techniques applied to the back surface of the lens, Camber lenses provide an unrivaled visual performance.

The quality that distinguishes the Camber progressive lenses from other progressive lenses, is the perfect complement between the two sides of the lens, a factor that was not considered before.

Camber lenses are truly an innovation for both the optician and the wearer.

Camber benefits

  • Cutting-edge technology. The Camber design with the variable base curve, is unique and patented.
  • Fully customizable lenses. Each Camber lens can be individualized according to the parameters of the wearer.
  • Superior optics. Improved fields in any area of the lens, compared to other progressive lenses.
  • Easier accommodation. Most wearers adapt more easily to Camber than to other progressive lenses.
  • Better reading area. The reading area is more easily identifiable and has improved optical qualities.
  • Optimum vision. Camber lens offers a wide field of sight and minimal distortion at the edge of the lens.
  • Improved aesthetics. Camber lenses are more aesthetic for high powers due to the variable base curve.

Two products available

Camber Plus

Camber Plus lenses are free form lenses, produced by processing the lens point by point, considering three key parameters in order to ensure optimum vision. For Camber Plus the customization parameters are standard, taking into account both the frame type and face shape.

Camber Individual

Camber Individual lenses stand out because of the specific customization for the individual wearer (pantoscopic angle, vertex distance and frame angle). In addition to variable base curve and cutting-edge processing technology, adding parameters for individual customization, the accommodation time is considerably reduced and the lateral aberrations are minimized.

Available ranges for Camber lenses

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